How long are you waiting for an applicant’s financial documents and information?

Be it residential, commercial, SBA or PPP, efficient document collection is crucial to maintaining sales velocity and closing more loans.  

In a recent poll conducted by Moody’s Analytics, the question was asked, ‘What is your biggest challenge in initiating the loan process?’, to which 66% of bankers surveyed answered the manual collection of financial documents and information and subsequent back and forth with the loan applicant.  

In the same survey, Moody’s Analytics asked, ‘What percentage of your sales cycle (from sales ready opportunity to closing) do you spend waiting for an applicant’s financial documents and information?’, to which bankers answered 30% to 50%.  This means that 40% of the sales cycle is waiting on a frustrated customer to provide financial documents. 


Today’s highest performing business lenders are automating the collection and management of client financial documents and information to:

  • Provide an improved user-experience.
  • Improve employee engagement and save them time for more productive tasks.
  • Shorten their sales cycle by 25% and improve their sales velocity (loan $ per month) by 40%.
  • Provide examiners a more complete (and faster) audit trail for loan exams.

Case Study

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Digitizing Document Collection Processes Helps Top 10 SBA Lender Handle More Loans.

First Home Bank processed more than 9,000 loan inquiries in the first four months using FileInvite to streamline document collection, management, and communication with customers. 

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Masterclass: Streamlining SBA Loan Processes

Join Ron Buck, CEO, Performance Insights
and Tony Brevard, Principal, 7(a) Funding
as they discuss:
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  • The impact on sales
  • Optimal workflows and processes
  • And their predictions for 2021.

Loan document collection drops from 42 to 15 days

Fundera were looking for a total solution to their document collection workflow.  

Their first priority was having a simple intuitive process for their clients to use.

Their second, visibility across their loan pipeline...

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