Cut Turnaround Times on Financial Document Collection by up to 80%

Gather all the documents, signatures, files, and data that you require in record time. Discover why one-third of all brokered loans in Australasia are powered by FileInvite.

FileInvite rated 4.75

Reduced Document Turnaround Times by 64.3% (from 42 to 15 days)
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Discover a better way to collect client information

FileInvite replaces email when requesting information.

How much are extended document return times really costing you? 

Efficient document collection processes are crucial to maintaining pipeline velocity. FileInvite's revolutionary technology automates and simplifies the most cumbersome aspects of document collection that exist around the world today. This leads to a much better experience for your clients, which is rewarded with a faster return rate across the board. In fact, our clients have seen an average 34% decrease in document return turnaround, with some seeing results as high as 80%. 

Large information requests can be overwhelming for your clients – FileInvite makes requesting and supplying that important information fast, secure and most importantly, easy. Streamline your workflow using an automated, secure platform that saves you time gathering documents. 


Boost Team Productivity by an Average of 35%

Gone are the days of requesting documents from clients via email. Our client-facing customers have experienced an average 35% increase in productivity as a direct result of implementing FileInvite.


Scale Your Operations with Efficient Processes

Getting hours of staff time back presents a massive opportunity to scale operations, as many of our customers have successfully done. 


Provide the Digital Experience Your Clients Expect

FileInvite now powers ⅓ of Brokered loans in Australia and has collected over 7,000 5-star reviews in the process. Provide the best possible experience for your staff and your clients with the FileInvite solution.

What is your biggest challenge in initiating the loan process?

In a recent poll conducted by Moody’s Analytics, the question was asked, ‘What is your biggest challenge in initiating the loan process?’, to which 66% of bankers surveyed answered the manual collection of financial documents and information and subsequent back and forth with the loan applicant.  


What percentage of your sales cycle do you spend waiting for an applicant’s financial documents and information?

In the same survey, Moody’s Analytics asked, ‘What percentage of your sales cycle (from a sales-ready opportunity to closing) do you spend waiting for an applicant’s financial documents and information?’, to which bankers answered 30% to 50%.  This means that 40% of the sales cycle is waiting on a frustrated customer to provide financial documents. 

Today’s highest performing business lenders are automating the collection and management of client financial documents and information to:

  • Provide an improved user experience.
  • Improve employee engagement and save them time for more productive tasks.
  • Shorten their sales cycle by 25% and improve their sales velocity (loan $ per month) by 40%.
  • Provide examiners with a more complete (and faster) audit trail for loan exams.

Bank-Grade Security

Don't settle for less. A secure and reliable solution, FileInvite is SOC 2 Type 2 compliant, with 256-bit encryption, advanced user-provisioning, and has a 99.9% uptime guarantee.

FileInvite - Security
FileInvite - Excellent support

Excellent Support

We're only happy when you succeed.

Our customer support team has received a consistent 5/5 score across over 100 reviews in Capterra & G2.


Easy to Implement

Send your first invite in 5 minutes. Enhance the experience of your staff and clients quickly by automating time-consuming tasks.

FileInvite reduces the steps to a returned request by 5 times compared to requesting information via email. Get hours back each week.

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Delight your clients with the FileInvite experience

Optimize your document workflow

Poor document workflows impact much more than just your profits.

Auto PDF Conversion

Never worry about improper formatting again. FileInvite can automatically convert your returned documents to PDF.

Set Naming Conventions

You set the naming conventions of each request you make, so when your requests are returned to you – it's clear what they are.

Transfer Requests

Never lose track of a deal because a team member is away. Transfer Invite (request) ownership to a team member in one click.

Easy Automation

Let our system do the leg work, while you work on your client relationships.

“Sometimes there is an opportunity to work smarter rather than harder.”
- Matt Nicolosi, Vice President and Director of Strategic Growth Initiatives, First Home Bank

  • 1 years' worth of loans processed in 2 months
  • Increased Capacity
  • 9,000 loan inquiries in 4 months

When First Home Bank began to process SBA Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loans when the pandemic hit, their loan volume skyrocketed. The demand was so high that they made a strategic decision to pull back on 7(a) loans temporarily to keep up with the volume of PPP loans.

Moving forward, they needed a way to increase efficiency and improve the customer experience to be able to take advantage of the hot market for both SBA 7(a) loans and PPP loans.

Additionally, management had little insight into their loan pipeline until loans were closed, making it difficult to make informed business decisions.


Higher Volume, Superior Experience, Data Governance

First Home Bank processed as many loans in a two-month period as they might have processed in an entire year using their old, manual methods with similar staffing. This efficiency gain enabled them to capitalize on the increased demand for PPP loans that many competing lenders couldn’t take on.

Bank customers are praising the simple and intuitive customer portal. Both parties can easily see the status of a loan application from a centralized dashboard, and messaging with customers from the platform’s chat feature simplifies communication. 

"The amount of time that a McCambridge Duffy employee is required to spend on a case has been reduced by more than eight times."

  • 8x Time Saved
  • Increased Capacity
  • Clients Doubled

The traditional methods relied on for document collection were time-consuming. Generally, the company used the postal service, email, and occasionally, WhatsApp to coordinate their document collection.

As volumes grew it became increasingly challenging to deliver the quality of service McCambridge Duffy Group is known for. Because the process wasn’t very intuitive, interactions with the firm were often difficult—a far from ideal first experience for their clients.


87.5% decrease in request return time.

Processes that previously took the firm’s practitioners forty days, now take five.

Client feedback has been excellent. They report being able to quickly and easily upload documents whether they’re working on their desktop or using a mobile device. 

"Implementing FileInvite has allowed staff to focus on providing more meaningful advice to each client even as the number of clients has more than doubled."


Save hours each week with easy-to-use automation

When deadlines loom, there are better things to be doing than chasing clients for information.


Stop chasing clients for documents

Gone are the days of requesting documents from clients via email. Our customers have experienced an average 34% decrease in document return turnaround, and we've collected over 7,000 5-star reviews in the process.



Impress your clients and your colleagues

Request all the files you need from your clients in one system. Your clients are then guided through an intuitive portal experience and followed up with friendly reminders as your due date approaches.



Make contracts a breeze

With FileInvite's legally-binding eSignature technology, you can easily request single or multiple-party signatures on contracts, agreements, and applications. FileInvite was named a 2021 emerging favorite in Gartner's Capterra Digital Signature category.



Automate your information requests

Automatically create digital versions of your paper forms using templates. Your clients complete them online through their dedicated client portal.



Integrates with your existing tools

Sync returned files with Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, Box & more. And use API or Zapier to send returned form data to your desired destinations.



Get visibility across your workflow

Request, review, approve and manage documents in one dashboard. Staff can do this at an individual level, and managers can have a team view.



Hear from just a few of our thousands of happy customers

FileInvite rated 4.75

"The amount of time that an employee is required to spend on a case has been reduced by more than eight times."

"I keep files out of my inbox and easily managed with FileInvite. It sets auto-reminders for my clients and I can customize the list of items I'm asking for to simplify the process. It also links to my other software like Box, Dropbox, and Google Drive."

“Sometimes there is an opportunity to work smarter rather than harder. FileInvite has delivered massive efficiency gains for us. It’s been a huge time saving that we never would have been able to achieve without it."

"Before FileInvite was like the dark ages."

"It's saving us a massive amount of time."

"Our conversion rate is up and things are a lot quicker!"

"It gives you back valuable time for another deal."


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Delight your clients with the FileInvite experience