FileInvite Portal™

A secure document upload portal that your clients can access from any device.

Request documents, live forms with signatures, files and data from clients. Send an Invite (a package of requests) to your clients, who will be sent a FileInvite Portal™ to upload your requests. FileInvite will remind them to upload your requests by the due date using Smart Notifications.

Delight your clients with security and simplicity


5-star reviews from FileInvite Portal™ users.


Over 30 million files securely collected


Average 10.5 hours saved per week per user


Over 1 million FileInvite Portals™ served

Send an Invite

Send an Invite (a package of requests) to your clients.


Generate new client portals in seconds

Create an individual, secure document portal for every client or party you want information from. Share files, set portal permissions, send in-portal messages, add requests, and switch password protection on or off as needed.


Access their client portal on any device

It's easy for your clients to access their own secure upload portal and see the information requested, messages, and any outstanding items. They can upload files, use their smartphone camera, and even complete and sign documents digitally.

FileInvite PortalTM | Client Portal, Document Portal, Customer Portal

Your clients receive a Smart Notification and a secure link to access their portal.

Integrate Google Drive with FileInvite - FileInvite Integration

Once requests are returned and approved, files are processed and sent to your desired destination. See all integrations.


Get documents out of email

91% of cyber attacks start as a phishing attack1, and 1 in 4 data breaches occur via email2. Move your document collection out of your email inbox into a simpler, faster, and safer platform that protects your reputation and improves your processes.


Password protect your clients' document portals

Add an extra layer of security to your document workflow. 

Optional Password Protection _ FileInvite PortalTM

Password protection is optional, and not required in most cases.

Custom Branding and Whitelabel _ FileInvite PortalTM

Custom branding available on Pro+ & Enterprise plans only.


Deliver a superior branded experience

Build client trust with your own branding, including your logo and tones. Make it your own and add a personal touch to introductions, messages and alerts.


Secure Document Portal Resources

Powerful features to enhance your document workflow



Integrates with your existing tools

Sync returned files with Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, Box & more. And use API or Zapier to send returned form data to your desired destinations.


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Make contracts a breeze

Easily request single or multiple-party signatures on contracts, agreements, and applications. FileInvite was named a 2021 emerging favorite in Gartner's Capterra Digital Signature category.


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Automate your information requests

Automatically create digital versions of your paper forms using templates. Your clients complete them online through their dedicated client portal. 


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Get visibility across your workflow

Request, review, approve and manage documents in one dashboard. Staff can do this at an individual level, and managers can have a team view.


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Join thousands saving hours each week

"The amount of time that an employee is required to spend on a case has been reduced by more than eight times."

“Sending reminder emails, sifting through attachments, and chasing files distracts us from our core competencies. Using FileInvite eliminates this. It lets us focus on bringing insights and value to our clients.”

“Sometimes there is an opportunity to work smarter rather than harder. FileInvite has delivered massive efficiency gains for us. It’s been a huge time saving that we never would have been able to achieve without it."

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