Client portal software that automates file collection

Imagine if you could spend your time doing the work you're best at, not chasing clients for documents and information...

With FileInvite, you can. Our client portal software gets you information back from clients up to 30% faster than email, allowing you to spend your time on actual accounting work, not chasing your clients for documents.


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Assess new clients' financial situations faster

FileInvite's many accountant-friendly features allow you and your team to complete new client onboarding up to 30% faster than you would over email.

When it comes to onboarding new clients, you can:

  • Send accounting-specific document checklists out to clients
  • Quickly and easily review and approve documents from within your admin portal
  • Create fillable onboarding forms that your clients can e-sign

Automate the collection of W-2s, 1099 forms, receipts and more

What about your existing clients? Once your clients are onboarded ,you can leverage our Bulk Send and Schedule Invite features to stay well ahead of Tax Day deadlines.

When it comes to preparing tax returns, you can:

  • Proactively schedule tax information requests to go out on a specific date
  • Customize email and SMS due date reminders to keep clients on schedule
  • Easily review responses and request additional information as needed

Automatically maintain accounting compliance 

FileInvite will grant you a full history of client interactions, messages, files and access, ensuring that you are able to easily meet standards.

When you use FileInvite to collect information you can:

  • Request additional sources needed to verify certain records.
  • Easily provide comprehensive records to auditors, if required.
  • Ensure your clients that their sensitive information is being collected with the most secure solution on the market
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Consolidate all questions & answers into one central & secure portal

Collecting sensitive data on your behalf is what we do; both you and your clients should feel comfortable knowing FileInvite goes above and beyond best practices:

When it comes to centralizing your client communications, you can:

  • See all questions and comments from within your secure admin portal
  • Respond to any questions and comments from within your admin portal
  • Notify your clients that you've responded via an SMS notification (but for security's sake, they will have to enter their portal to respond)

How Aprio Cloud Leveraged Client Portal Automation to Dramatically Improve Client Happiness 

With data and document collection automated, Aprio Cloud are able to focus on adding value for their clients. "Using FileInvite lets us focus on bringing insights and value to our clients."

Features that drive exceptional customer service

Editable Document Checklists

Save groupings of read-only documents, requests for information and fillable PDFs to send to re-use and re-send to clients on an ongoing basis.

Automated Client Reminders 

Set the date that you want all documents returned to you, and FileInvite will send out automated reminders over Email and SMS on your behalf.

Create Fillable Forms & E-Signatures

Transform existing documents and forms into fillable PDFs that your clients can complete and sign, whether they're on their computer or their phone.

Automatic PDF Conversions

No more having to convert returned files into a consistent format - FileInvite will automatically convert all returned legal documents into PDFs.

Time-Saving Cloud Storage Integrations

Sync returned files and documents directly to your cloud storage solution of choice.

Automatic File Renaming

Based on the naming convention of your Invites, FileInvite will automatically and consistently rename all returned legal documents and files.

Supercharge your workflows with FileInvite

Missing documents can make or break your ability to meet critical deadlines. Eliminate the stress of chasing down files, and swap your email checklist for a secure and user-friendly solution.