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Born from a high-growth agency

FileInvite started out life as an internal tool that solved a major problem for Zyber, another business founded by FileInvite CEO James Sampson.

Zyber was founded in 2009 that built and maintained hundreds of eCommerce websites at a time. Every website required clients to provide photos, video, text, all the content to populate the site.


Solving our own problem

We constantly requested all this information and struggled to keep on top of everything. We used spreadsheet lists, emails, shared folders, and had to constantly chase clients to collect the information. 

If our clients didn’t supply all the information in the right order, or on time, we couldn’t progress. We needed a workflow, so we could keep customers happy.

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In 2015 we built a system to manage the requests for information, automatically notify clients, and let us know where everything was at.

Wow! The difference was instant. Turnaround times for getting information off clients was slashed, and so too was the internal admin managing it.

Once we got to market that we found FileInvite had a ton of uses. It was a tool that anyone looking to collect sensitive info in a timely fashion could use.

The easy to use client portal and streamlined experience resonated with a lot of professionals.


We understand that first impressions last.

FileInvite gets legal formalities and information collection out of the way so you can focus on exceptional client service and experience.  

Join us as we set the global standard for information sharing.

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