Collecting Information from Students Doesn't Have to be a Painful Process

Your time is valuable. Use it wisely.

 Spend more time with students and partners, and less time chasing enrollment documents and application information.

Streamline your workflow using an automated, secure platform that saves you time gathering the countless documents needed for student enrollments. FileInvite reduces the frustration associated with collecting all kinds of information –  transcripts, applications, identity documents, visas, and more.


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Education transforms lives

FileInvite helps ensure that your team, your partners, and your students begin this transformative journey with a positive experience.


Still collecting documents with email?
There’s a better way.


Does this sound familiar?

  • Education advisors and enrollment teams are overwhelmed during peak periods 
  • Students find it difficult to return all documents on time -- leaving your teams to chase them Information gets lost, emails bounce, and documents aren't returned 
  • Deadlines are missed, and the enrollment process drags on
  • Sensitive data may be vulnerable, and data handling might not meet requirements for personally identifiable information (PII) 
  • Stress and anxiety strike everyone - from your teams right through to students 
There is a solution: Efficient, effective, and ultra-secure information and document collection with FileInvite.

FileInvite, Explained.

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Watch this short product demo to discover how simple it really can be to automate your information gathering.
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What are the Benefits of Automating Your Student Information Gathering?

Thousands of customers in over 200 countries trust FileInvite for streamlined information gathering. Integrated workflow automation makes the cumbersome job of information gathering easier – so you can focus on building better connections with students and partners.


Excellent Experience

FileInvite’s sleek document portal makes a great first impression and ensures you have the kind of digital experience today’s students expect.

Students can easily submit documents from any device through a secure portal -- with no need to create another login or profile.

  • Easy-to-use, secure student portal provides confidence
  • A clear view of document and information status keeps applications on track
  • Automated reminders help ensure on-time completion

Outstanding Efficiency

FileInvite’s document collection platform saves hours of your time by reducing the administrative work required for each enrollment.  FileInvite users with complex processes report saving a minimum of 2 hours per application. 

  • Templates and automated reminders eliminate repetitive tasks  
  • Integrated messaging keeps you seamlessly connected
  • In-line approvals save back-and-forth correspondence 
  • Automatic conversion to PDF keeps information organized and professional 

Bank-Grade Privacy & Security

Personal information that is transmitted or stored in email is vulnerable to security breaches. Instead of sitting in your inbox, FileInvite’s data collection portal ensures sensitive personal information is handled safely and securely.

  • Reduce the risk of a data breach by moving document collection out of email into a secure student portal.
  • SOC-2 Type II accredited for total piece of mind.
  • Trusted by major banks and small businesses alike. 


Use FileInvite to drive the virtuous cycle for your organization

Improved efficiency and a better student experience lead to more time for you to help more students realize their educational goals.


Success Stories

It's saving us a massive amount of time.
David Windler

Mortgage Supply Co

It starts things off on the right foot.
Alexandra Jumper

Aprio Cloud

Takes the pain out of the process for clients.
Patrick O'Brien

Mortgage World

Before FileInvite was like the dark ages.
Sarah Bloxham

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Our clients love the simplicity and flexibility.
Michele Mansfield

Equity Vision


You're in Good Company

Youre in Good Company
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