FileInvite enables professionals, from dozens of industries, to collect the documents they require to get the job done.

Here are just a few of the industries we serve.





Mortgage and Finance

Use FileInvite to request multiple supporting documents from a customer in a single invitation.
Give them an easy to use portal where you can monitor their progress.
Follow up their submission using automated reminders by email or SMS.

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Freelance Consulting

Request multiple client documents for a new project in a single invitation.
Manage the collection of client data, supporting files and the working flies you'll need.
Ensue contracts, files and documents are all in order and out of your inbox. 

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Request all the supporting documents you need for a client case in a single invitation.
Manage the review  and approval of documents.
Sign and save them securely to your drive or cloud storage.

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Human Resources

Get all the documents and background information you need from a potential candidate. 
Start the onboarding process for every new recruit with a welcome video and message.
Manage and store contracts, certificates and files in one secure system. 

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