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Exceptional first impressions and customer service through automated document requests


About Aprio Cloud

Headquarters: Atlanta, Georgia
Employees: 200 +

Outsourced Accounting and Professional Services firm Aprio Cloud help their clients with tax advice, accounting and CFO services.  A Xero partner they are committed to virtual consulting, having never met the majority of their clients in person. 


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The Challenges

  • Remote only clients
  • Complex lists of documents
  • Repetitive requests, quarter after quarter, year after year
  • No automated follow up

The Tipping Point

Collecting client documents was a pain. Back and forth emails with clients over what they had and had not submitted was embarrassing. With clients uploading documents to a shared Box folder - supplemented by email attachments -  the workflows and processes required a lot of focus to execute.

Implementing FileInvite

The on-boarding process began with custom templates to match the requirements of various teams, tax  and accounting processes. Ensuring simplicity and clarity in the instructions given to clients was paramount. Their cliente - remote working entrepreneurs and small businesses - are never keen to take on anything they consider convoluted or complex.

Mapping the native integration with their Box cloud storage ensured all files were routed to client specific folders. Where they were grouped and named according to task.  

Leveraging the ability to schedule and send invites in bulk, Month, Quarter and Year End requests were scheduled across their clients. Eliminating the need for manually sending reminders and requests by hand.

With central templates complete, thee system was rolled out across their team of consultants in days.

It's been super helpful for our firm in terms of organization and providing a great client experience.
Alexandra Jumper

The Results

The custom templates and native integration to their existing file storage solution has created a hands off automated process. With document batches stored and sorted to client, the scheduled requests allow the team to have the data the need on time and  without the chasing. 

With data collection automated, Aprio Cloud are able to focus on adding value for their clients . They now have time to provide their clients with data visualization and analysis that can give them an overview of their finances at a glance.

Sending reminder emails, sifting through attachments and chasing files distracts us from our core competencies. Using FileInvite eliminates this. It lets us focus on bringing insights and value to our clients. 
Alexandra Jumper

Alexandra Jumper
Director of Client Success, Aprio Cloud

Exceptional First Impressions

Find out how FileInvite can do the same for your business.


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