Enterprise grade document collection



Grow your bottom line with
productivity, compliance and security

seamless API integrations
Seamless workflow integration

Use our full-featured API to connect with your systems. Post files and data to your cloud storage, trigger contact updates from your CRM or use our pre built Zapier triggers and actions.

With our native Integrations for cloud storage and bank statement retrieval you can streamline workflows for your team and enhance customer experience.

Enterprise grade security

Our end-to-end encryption ensures that messaging, data and file transfers are secured to the latest global standards.

Independent external testing and our enterprise AWS environment provide peace of mind for you and your customers.

Tested security
Head office provisioning

Create user profiles, set custom roles and grant  access to users through the administrative portal.

Grant temporary access, add or remove users instantly, review reporting, billings and connect to external workflows.

Consistent client experience

Create a seamless customer experience with a secure client portal. Implement brand compliant logos, colours and custom URLs.

Set your own approved templates for forms, document requests and email alerts. Update centrally to meet legislative changes instantly.

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Team collaboration

Share data and document requests across users, or delegate access to certain teams.

Use the intuitive FileInvite dashboard to build invites from industry standard templates that you can save and share with your team to ensure compliance.  

Even give auditor access to communication logs.

Our clients are raving


The New Zealand Mortgage Broker Of The Year manages 80 to 90 clients a week with FileInvite!

David Windler
The Mortgage Supply Company

Joel significantly improved conversion rates and processing times through automation.  

Joel Wyld

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Fiona Bryce
Loan Market

"Requesting files and information has never been easier!"

Richard Hayes
Hayes Financial Services

"Clients love it. I can set out exactly what I need from a client and it's easy for them follow."
Gary Willmott
Mortgage World

"No more chasing clients for days!"

Sarah Bloxham
Let's Talk! Mortgage & Insurance

"Really helped to expand my business outside the region."

Kahtan Haddara

"My customers love it. Simple, easy to use. The integrations are so good."

John Tosio

"FileInvite makes dealing with clients so much quicker and easier."

David Windler
The Mortgage Supply Co.

"It's saving us a massive amount of time."

Joel Wyld

"Our conversion rate with lenders is a lot better!"

Patrick O'Brien
Mortgage World Australia

"Takes the heartache and pain out of the process for clients."

Kate Rae Davis
St Luke's Episcopal Church

"Set it and forget it — and still get what you need"

Mark Magill
Mike Pero Mortgages

"Awesome software."

Clinton Waters
Axton Finance

"Does as its says - document collection on autopilot!"

Fiona Bryce
Loan Market

"Requesting files and information has never been easier!"

Stephanie Gonzales
Harquin Bookkeeping

"It allows us to give our clients a great first impression while cutting down turnaround time."