Book loans up to 6x faster with FileInvite

You have the funds to make a difference in your clients' lives; FileInvite helps you reach your decision faster. 

Lenders like you rely on FileInvite’s secure document portal technology to automate the document collection process, allowing you to accelerate your new client onboarding and spend your time delivering the exceptional experience you’re known for.

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Accelerated loan processing starts with faster document collection.

FileInvite eliminates the back-and-forth of the traditional document collection process, using turnkey and customizable document request checklists to easily and automatically send out requests for information.

When it comes to efficiently collecting required documents, you can:

  • Easily gather KYC requirements and other onboarding information
  • Swiftly review and approve documents from within your admin portal
  • Monitor application progress to prioritize engaged borrowers
  • Share applications and documents seamlessly with internal teams as needed
Accelerated loan processing starts with faster document collection.
Scale your optimized workflows as your business grows.

Scale your optimized workflows as your business grows.

Regardless of the size of your organization, FileInvite allows you to standardize, automate and accelerate your streamlined processes at scale. 

FileInvite offers: 

  • Out-of-the-box integrations with common cloud storage solutions
  • An enterprise-grade API to supercharge processes from behind the scenes
  • Time-saving features like automatic PDF conversion, file renaming and forms
  • Custom template, invites and user limits, to allow your plan to grow with you

Centralized communication makes for a better borrower experience.

FileInvite ensures a seamless and client-centered loan application process, enhancing satisfaction and building strong relationships with your borrowers.

FileInvite’s features simplify the application process:

  • Automated reminders keep borrowers on track
  • Clear ‘Approved’ and ‘Revisions Needed’ statuses for increased transparency
  • Clients submit documents easily through a user-friendly interface
  • Track applications in real-time for confidence
Centralized communication makes for a better borrower experience.
Your clients get funding faster; you close more loans.

Your clients get funding faster; you close more loans.

While your clients come to you in need of funding, they’re not just looking for a loan: They’re looking for a trusted advisor who can set them on the path to success. 

With FileInvite, instead of spend your days chasing your clients for documents, you can deliver the value that you're known for, while processing loans up to 6x faster.

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FileInvite creates a simple, safe and secure funding experience for lenders and their borrowers.


Editable Document Checklists

Save groupings of read-only documents, requests for information and fillable PDFs to send to re-use and re-send to clients on an ongoing basis.

Automated Reminders 

Set the date that you want all documents returned to you, and FileInvite will send out automated reminders over Email and SMS on your behalf.

Create Fillable Forms & E-Signatures

Transform existing documents and forms into fillable PDFs that your clients can complete and sign, whether they're on their computer or their phone.

Automatic PDF Conversions

No more having to convert returned files into a consistent format - FileInvite will automatically convert all returned legal documents into PDFs.

Automatic Compliance

FileInvite maintains a complete audit trail of document requests, submissions, and actions taken. This feature helps in tracking the progress of projects and ensures accountability within the team.

Automatic File Renaming

Based on the naming convention of your Invites, FileInvite will automatically and consistently rename all returned legal documents and files.

Process Loans up to 6x Faster with FileInvite

Elevate your lending operations, simplify processes, and create a more efficient, connected, and productive lending practice. Let FileInvite be your trusted ally in your business growth journey.