Collect Critical Legal Documents Faster

Use FileInvite's simple, fast and secure document collection software to request and collect the information you need to build case files up to 30% faster.

FileInvite allows you to:

  • Ensure bankruptcy and insolvency documents are filed on time and in full
  • Submit all documents for family law clients in a timely and secure manner
  • Receive and manage up-to-date real estate and title documents
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Signed Client Services Agreements


Drivers Licenses, Passports & Other IDs 


Bank Statements & Financial Records


Completed Application Forms


Automate your legal document collection process

When a new client enlists your help, you need to gather all of their information before you can get started. Send an Invite via FileInvite's secure client portal, and your new client will be able to see what information is required and when it is due.

From their FileInvite portal, your clients can also:

  • Fill out PDFs
  • Digitally sign PDFs
  • See outstanding documents & due dates
  • Message you securely with any questions
Application Portal | FileInvite Portal™
Admin Dashboard (1)

Easily track & manage all requested legal documents

After you've sent out your Invite, you can see at a high level which information still needs to be returned, which needs revisions, and which have been approved.

From your Admin Dashboard, you can:

  • Approve and reject (request revisions) of returned documents
  • View all requests, messages and history

Features & integrations that accelerate your case building

While your document collection process is critical to your business, it's not where you should be spending your time.

Our features and integrations continue to automate this process on your behalf:

  • Automatic PDF conversions
  • Cloud storage integrations
  • Zapier integrations
Bank grade security

Reduce risk for your organization & your clients

Collecting sensitive data on your behalf is what we do; both you and your clients should feel comfortable knowing FileInvite goes above and beyond best practices:

All aspects of FileInvite's document collection software are:

  • GDPR, HIPAA and FERPA compliant
  • SOC-2 Type II Certified
  • Securely hosted on AWS

If you need more security and compliance information, please contact our sales team.


How a Top Insolvency Practitioner Firm Used FileInvite to Collect Legal Documents 8x Faster

The McCambridge Duffy team drastically improved their inefficient processes, reducing client frustrations and improving client experience.

FileInvite's features build your case files faster

Editable Legal Document Checklists

Save groupings of read-only documents, requests for information and fillable PDFs to send to re-use and re-send to clients on an ongoing basis.

Automated Client Reminders 

Set the date that you want all documents returned to you, and FileInvite will send out automated reminders over Email and SMS on your behalf.

Create Fillable Forms & E-Signatures

Transform existing documents and forms into fillable PDFs that your clients can complete and sign, whether they're on their computer or their phone.

Automatic PDF Conversions

No more having to convert returned files into a consistent format - FileInvite will automatically convert all returned legal documents into PDFs.

Time-Saving Cloud Storage Integrations

Sync returned files and documents directly to your cloud storage solution of choice.

Automatic File Renaming

Based on the naming convention of your Invites, FileInvite will automatically and consistently rename all returned legal documents and files.

Request and collect legal documents up to 80% faster

Missing or late files can make or break your case. That's why keeping track of documentation - and gathering all components on time - is critical.