Sound familiar?

Whether you're a clerk, barrister or lawyer, without the supporting documents you need for a case, things are going nowhere.

It's a constant battle to be on top of case files.

Requesting a convoluted list of supporting documents, describing what they're for and getting them back in a timely fashion is a headache!  

man with headache from collecting and dealing with client files

Getting all the supporting

files sorted is painful!

The biggest issues our clients have are:
  • Clients forget to send that file "saved somewhere”
  • Their partner can't upload files.  
  • Most clients provide the same documents - over and over again. Pay stubs, deeds, appraisals, income statements etc.  
  • We have no process to approve, reject, and request updated documents easily.
  • There's no audit trail of who sent what and when.

The solution is FileInvite

  • Request all documents in one simple client portal.
  • Use automated reminders to get documents back on time. 
  • Easily control document approval rejection and replacement.
  • Save time by signing contracts online.
  • Template and reuse common requests.
  • Put regular requests on autopilot. 
  • Get items from multiple parties in a single request.
  • And keep it all with a full audit trail.

With FileInvite you can: 

Request all the supporting documents for a client case in a single invitation,
manage the review of the documents and save them securely
to your drive or cloud storage.