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Whether you’re an international student agency, an administrator, registrar, teacher or principal, getting the right documents securely is key to confirming enrollments. 

Issues with supporting documents can hold back approvals, and at worst impact start dates or have legal implications. Imagine if you forget to secure a copy of their ID, visa or credentials.  

How do you ensure everyone gets the same high standard student experience?

Managing enrollment documents is painful!

Some of the biggest issues our clients face are:
  • Applicants forget to send a document.
  • The sheer volume or applications to manage.
  • They don't sign their application or something is expired.
  • We don’t have an audit trail for official review.
  • There's no consistency or the experience is unprofessional at best.  

With FileInvite you can request multiple documents from an applicant in a single enrollment pack.

Manage the review of the documents, share relevant information and save everything securely to your drive or cloud storage.


Give students a great first impression and ensure you get the right information.



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What are the benefits of using FileInvite for enrollment document collection?

Manually managing documents is a painful process, FileInvite removes those pains.
Here are the top ways document collection software can help improve your business processes:

Student experience

Student experience: Make document uploading easy for your students. Send them automatic reminders on upcoming due dates.
The system also includes a sleek portal to manage all your information in one place.

privacy and security icon

Ensure privacy and security: 
Emails are a vulnerable place to store sensitive information - FileInvite pulls important documents out of a messy inbox, ensuring your students’ personal information is stored in a safe, secure place.

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Save time: The right document collection system can help you save hours in administrative workflows.
In fact, using FileInvite you can boost business productivity by an average of 35%.

Save money

Save money: Getting that time back means allows you to work directly on your institution in other important areas.
Get more enrollments and improve the student experience to turn inquiries into full-fledged students.