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Digitization Drives Growth, Slashing Document Collection Time by 87.5%



Navigating Growth: McCambridge Duffy Group faced inefficient document management processes with a growing client base.

Enhancing Client Satisfaction with Secure Document Collection: FileInvite helped boost efficiency, enabling Michael and the McCambridge Duffy team to provide more meaningful advice.



McCambridge Duffy Group + FileInvite

"The amount of time that a McCambridge Duffy employee is required to spend on a case has been reduced by more than eight times...”


- Michael Rutherford, Director, McCambridge Duffy

About McCambridge Duffy Group


Headquarters: Derry, Northern Ireland
Employees: 140

McCambridge Duffy Group, among the top five personal insolvency practitioners in the UK, operates with a core belief that every financial challenge has a corresponding solution. Recognized for its ethical debt counsel, the firm's services span personal insolvency, business turnaround, debt management, and traditional accounting. Recently, the group has embraced innovation by adding cloud-based accounting to its repertoire, showcasing its commitment to staying at the forefront of industry advancements. Expanding into the Republic of Ireland further solidifies McCambridge Duffy Group's commitment to reaching a broader audience and underscores its global vision in providing effective financial solutions with unwavering professionalism.

Incorporating cutting-edge technologies and expanding its geographical footprint, McCambridge Duffy Group continues to be a trusted partner for individuals and businesses, offering not just financial services, but a reliable path toward overcoming financial challenges.

McCambridge Duffy Group + FileInvite

Modernizing Processes for Increased Demand

UnderstandingMcCambridge Duffy Group's Challenges & Tipping Points


The traditional methods McCambridge Duffy Group relied on for document collection were very time-consuming. Generally, the company used the postal service, email, and occasionally, WhatsApp to coordinate their document collection.

In addition to being extremely time-consuming, as volumes grew it became increasingly challenging to deliver the quality of service McCambridge Duffy Group is known for when following up with clients. Because the process wasn’t very intuitive, interactions with the firm were often difficult—a far from ideal first experience for customers to have with the McCambridge Duffy brand.

The Tipping Point

The cycle times experienced by the McCambridge Duffy Group had always remained stubbornly high. When the pandemic hit, that problem became even more pronounced as the firm’s volumes increased dramatically. Simultaneously, following up with all clients became increasingly difficult due to higher volumes of clients and cases.

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Grow Your Firm

FileInvite helps you to:

  • Get documents back 80% faster
  • Focus on customers and their needs
  • Boost efficiency and productivity

A Strategic Tech Search for Growth and Excellence

Efficiency Unleashed

The McCambridge Duffy Group began its search for technology that would help them improve their efficiency while also improving the experience of its clients. The firm needed a solution that would expedite its document collection process, increase the overall quality of interactions between clients and the firm, and quickly provide a return on investment as McCambridge Duffy continues to expand into new markets and geographies.

McCambridge Duffy chose to implement FileInvite and is already pleased by the improvements that have been made. For the firm’s clients, the FileInvite document collection platform provides a user interface that is extremely easy to use. It also keeps things moving by automating the sending of SMS reminders and other parts of the follow-up process.

Implementing FileInvite has allowed staff to focus on providing more meaningful advice to each client even as the number of clients has more than doubled.” – Michael Rutherford, Director, McCambridge Duffy

“Implementing FileInvite has allowed staff to focus on providing more meaningful advice to each client even as the number of clients has more than doubled.”

- Michael Rutherford, Director, McCambridge Duffy

Success in Secure Document Collection & Client Experiences


Streamlined Document Collection

Almost immediately, the McCambridge Duffy Group reduced the amount of time it takes to collect documents to nearly one quarter of what it was before deploying the FileInvite technology. In an improvement largely driven by FileInvite, processes and procedures that took the firm’s practitioners forty days previously now takes five.  

The amount of time that a McCambridge Duffy employee is required to spend on a case has been reduced by more than eight times.

Many at the firm consider FileInvite revolutionary for the simplicity it introduces to the process of identifying what documents have been returned, and then verifying them or notifying the client if they are not suitable. It saves massive amounts of time by practically eliminating the need for lengthy and often non-productive email exchanges. 

Implementing FileInvite has allowed staff to focus on providing more meaningful advice to each client even as the number of clients has more than doubled. One immediate impact of the dramatic time savings is that the firm’s practitioners can spend more time offering the level of expertise for which McCambridge Duffy is known.

The increase in capacity will make it possible for the firm to continue expanding without continually increasing its number of employees.

Client feedback has been excellent. They report being able to quickly and easily upload documents whether they’re working on their desktop or using a mobile device. Being able to submit documents on a platform that is vastly more secure than email is another aspect of the adoption of the FileInvite platform that is appreciated by the firm’s clients, who are required to submit information that is highly sensitive and personal.

Swift, Secure, Seamless: Streamlining Loan Document Processing with FileInvite



Save 2+ hours on each application

Not only does that save your team two hours of manual, repetitive work on each and every application, but it allows them to redirect their time to higher-value tasks.


SOC 2 Type 2 compliant with 256-bit encryption

FileInvite is also GDPR, HIPAA and FERPA compliant, allowing that you and your clients to transfer sensitive information with peace of mind.



Increase application completion rates by 34% 

Give your clients complete visibility into the document collection process, and confidence into how your collect sensitive information, improving application completion rates, and also member experience.

Delight Your Clients With The FileInvite Experience