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Hamish Shares His Tips for Success in Business

Mortgage Broker and Adviser Hamish Patel of shares his business tips for Loan and Mortgage professionals.

We caught up with Hamish Patel from Mortgages Online recently to talk all things business.

With over a decade in the mortgage industry, we wanted get a few tips from Hamish.

Thoughts on what he believes are key ideas in growing any consultancy or professional service business. Check out the video here, or read on for a quick summary.


1. Know your target audience

Know the type of client you love working with, that are really profitable and that you enjoy working with.

It's not to say you won't accept a client that doesn't match that profile, but everything you do should be tailored to addressing their needs.

Any new resources, any new processes, offerings or marketing activities - should add value to that client.

Do everything with them in focus - or remove it from your 'to do' list.


2. Take time to examine your business processes

Spending a few hours on reviewing your systems creates compounding returns.

"I used to feel unproductive and like I was almost wasting time by not working on deals"

But the time I've spent looking at our business processes and systems has resulted in huge value for our clients and made our offerings and services unique.

Spend at least an hour a week reflecting on your business processes.


3. Understand your value proposition

Know what you do that makes you unique and don’t be shy about sharing that with potential customers.

I've lost clients in the past as there are many things we do, that clients value, that I didn't tell them about.

I focused on solving their immediate problems and a competitor mentioned something that we just thought was "standard" that I took for granted and I lost the deal.

Now, I have a 15 min presentation that I keep up to date with all the value we bring clients. Even before I establish their income, I walk clients through it.

So I'll never lose a client again because of something they thought I didn't have.


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