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Sarah Bloxham - On Mortgage Document Collection

Sarah talks about systems, software, apps and tools for getting mortgage documents from clients. Sarah has used FileInvite grow her business exponentially over the last two years, adding Insurance and Kiwisaver to the mix. Sarah Bloxham | Let's Talk! Mortgages & Insurance

We had a great chat with Sarah Bloxham of Let's Talk! Mortgages & Insurance about systems and tools for getting mortgage documents from clients.   

Hear how Sarah has grown her business exponentially over the last two years, adding personal insurance and Kiwisaver (superannuation) to the services she offers clients.  


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 Sarah Bloxham - Let's Talk! Mortgages & Insurance 


Could you tell us a little bit about you and your company?

Sure, my name's Sarah from Let's Talk! Mortgages and Insurance.

I help customers with mortgages, personal insurance and Kiwisaver. 

It was one of my friends who said you've gotta have the word talk in it somewhere, because I do like to give people ideas about how they can get into property etc. 

If they've got one property I help them look at how they can get into another.

Moving into personal Insurance and Kiwisaver was a natural progression as clients wanted me to help them with all of their planning.

You know, look after your retirement and that sort of thing.  


What made you look for a better way to get home loan documents and supporting files?


Well my expertise is in the mortgage bit and if I'm honest, I don't really want to be doing the admin side.

I want to be talking to you about how I can get you in a property, how we can at the end structure it right to get the loan you're after. 

I was really looking for an alternative to massive emails and a flooded inbox.

So I went out looking and that's when I found FileInvite.  


What appealed to you about the platform? 

I'm from and IT background so I had an idea of the kind of tool I was after.

I saw it and was like, this is a cool idea. Really simple. 

I send my clients a link to to a program, a client portal online, and all they've got to do is follow the instructions.

People don't actually need to be shown how to use FileInvite, you just get in there, which is great.

I also liked the little text message reminders that I can personalize and the email follow up messages it can send as we get close to the due date.   


How do you go about getting your customer to use a client portal to submit loan documents?


When I meet with people or talk on the phone I give them a bit of a lead into what's gonna happen in FileInvite. 

I talk about it from day one so that they are familiar with what's going to happen.

But I also tell them, "Hey if some of the things you send me aren't right I'm going to be rejecting stuff. "

"Don't don't feel upset, because I'll tell you why I'm rejecting it and then I want you to re-fix what I need because together we want to get your application into the bank".

The clients like it because they can take pictures of documents instead of scanning and they can use their phone to upload to their own individual mortgage document portal with my branding.   

FileInvite is part of my tool set, so it means I can free up my inbox and use FileInvite for reminding them and managing the whole process of getting their documents ready.  


What's it like for you to use? 

Well the coolest thing for me about FileInvite is I can be sitting at night watching TV and my phone will beep up as clients use the system. I get a little alert when they:

  • Have opened FileInvite
  • submitted a document
  • and that they have completed the process. 

I know where they're at and can dive in and approve or reject their files. 

Then we can then move on getting them their loan.  


Cheeky question, would you recommend FileInvite?


Yes, for sure.

I've always thought my business will grow in the future and I know that using FileInvite as our tool for the document collection bit is going to be the easiest way.

Whether I get other advisers in the business or I get an assistant in as well, FileInvite is going to be part of growing the business and it'll just big part of the process when they come on board.


The whole thing just
makes you look more professional.


Sending emails out that are like a page and a half long (if you printed them out)  and then you know, a mass of attachments, it just looks very unprofessional compared to using FileInvite.

Using FileInvite is a win for the client and a win for me!


Let's Talk Mortgages & Insurance



If you're keen to understand how FileInvite could work for your business,

take a tour of FileInvite here, or sign up for a free trial below.   



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