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Marketing agency improves customer experience and content requests workflow with branded client portals



Bridging the Gap: Driving Success was inundated with work chasing clients for documents, files, and collateral before they could start working on marketing for their clients.

Simplifying Workflows and Client-Centric Excellence with FileInvite: After identifying FileInvite as their preferred solution, Driving Success introduced FileInvite client portals to their client base with great results.




“Fileinvite is very straightforward to use, both for us and the client. The fact that it is automated - and we no longer have to send reminders manually - is great!”

- Morgan van Holst, Operating Partner, Driving Success

About Driving Success


Headquarters: Ontario, Canada
Employees: 10

Driving Success, a dynamic marketing agency based in Canada, has carved a niche for itself by specializing in content marketing tailored exclusively for new car dealers. Despite being a compact and versatile team, the company provides an array of services to its clients, including traditional print and mail campaigns, as well as innovative ringless voicemail services. However, the heartbeat of their operation lies in Electronic Direct Mail (EDM) marketing.

At the core of Driving Success's strategy is the creation of intelligent monthly newsletters and impactful e-blast campaigns. What sets Driving Success apart is its commitment to utilizing cutting-edge technology. The company employs a proprietary data mining process that meticulously tracks the behavioral patterns of newsletter recipients. This granular approach enables the generation of comprehensive reports, providing valuable insights into what potential customers are interested in and, crucially, when they are poised to make a purchase.

Driving Success + FileInvite

A New Era of Efficiency Beyond Email

Understanding Driving Success's Challenges & Tipping Points


Driving Success is a small team, so the organization places a high priority on keeping its business processes focused, efficient and simple - for both clients and themselves. Nevertheless, monthly newsletter campaigns do require monthly input from clients - information about promotions, photography, text, and other files are all required before a campaign can run - and without the right tools, managing this flow of information can be a burdensome task for agency and client alike.

Driving Success’s clients are new car dealers - merchants with limited time and often a limited attention span when it comes to organizing marketing proportions. Using phone calls to chase and remind clients to meet their content obligations can be a time-consuming task, creating an unnecessary annoyance for clients, and phone calls don’t support the actual submission of files, photos, or text.

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The Tipping Point

While email offers one way for Driving Success’s clients to submit their advertising collateral, it also comes with its own set of inconveniences. Clients might send files to different members of the Driving Success team, making it all too easy to lose track of who has what information, and if a team member is away from work for a day or two, resolving a missing asset can be a maddening affair for the marketing group, leading to frustrating and time-consuming searches through difficult-to-navigate email threads.

The group needed a better way to manage this information flow, a more convenient platform for clients to upload content and a secure, single source of truth that would let the group know what information has been submitted and when.

So, hoping to automate as much of the process as possible, Driving Success began its search for a new technology solution.

Enhance Your Client Experience

FileInvite helps you to:

  • Get documents back 80% faster
  • Focus on customers and their needs
  • Boost productivity and grow your firm

Innovative Solutions: Driving Success through Document Collection

Efficiency and Visibility

Upon learning of the Fileinvite product, Driving Success recognized that it could radically improve its customers’ document submission experience, improve internal efficiency and gain visibility across the content pipeline, all at the same time.

The low cost of Fileinvite was also attractive, so Driving Success made the decision to implement, but was also determined to proceed with caution. First rolling the product out internally, the company was able to confirm that FileInvite would, indeed, do what they hoped it would, and would be a welcome addition to the team’s internal workflows.

With that confirmed, the agency then introduced Fileinvite to a select group of clients. That stage one rollout was an immediate success, and, seeing its first onboarded customers quickly become comfortable with the new software and system, Driving Success soon committed to a wider rollout.
Now the majority of Driving Success clients interact with the agency via the Fileinvite system.

“It has certainly saved us time and headaches because we can see exactly the source information for something and trace it back, and we don’t have to go through a big email chain looking for information.”

- Morgan van Holst, Operating Partner, Driving Success

Streamlining Content Processes with Centralized File Requests


Elevating Productivity

Adopting Fileinvite has revolutionized Driving Success’s content collection and creation process, streamlining its file requests and providing a single source of truth for client-submitted marketing collateral.

With all files stored in a centralized location, nothing gets lost, and, with content reminders automated, time spent client-chasing is greatly reduced. When client files are submitted, Driving Success staff are notified automatically (through smart notifications), speeding up their production process.

Client's submitted marketing assets via FileInvite's portal, can now be located quickly, missing files are easily recognized and client notes are far more accessible - eliminating the need for frustrating searches through email chains.

The easy-to-navigate interface provides clarity and convenience for both customers and in-house staff, and if any issues do arise, Driving Success says that FileInvite’s customer service department are always prompt and helpful in their responses. As a small team constrained by tight deadlines, that high quality of service is “a big deal”, says Driving Success.

Swift, Secure, Seamless: Streamlining Loan Document Processing with FileInvite



Save 2+ hours on each application

Not only does that save your team two hours of manual, repetitive work on each and every application, but it allows them to redirect their time to higher-value tasks.


SOC 2 Type 2 compliant with 256-bit encryption

FileInvite is also GDPR, HIPAA and FERPA compliant, allowing that you and your clients to transfer sensitive information with peace of mind.



Increase application completion rates by 34% 

Give your clients complete visibility into the document collection process, and confidence into how your collect sensitive information, improving application completion rates, and also member experience.

Delight Your Clients With The FileInvite Experience