Sound Familiar?

Whether you’re a project manager at a large agency or CEO of me Incorporated, onboarding new clients is something you’ve got to master to keep the doors open. It's a constant battle to be on top of project files. 

That process of collecting data files, briefs, logos, persona interviews, UX user journeys, data schema, videos for the website home page, SEO meta data - so time consuming! 

Why isn't there a way to collect documents from a bunch of clients in a structured manner and get all the back and forth out of my inbox?

Managing all these files is painful!

The biggest issues our clients have are:

  • Clients forget to send that file "saved somewhere” or that their agency has.  
  • There's no record of who sent what and when.
  • They ask most of their clients for the same documents over and over again.
  • They don’t have a system to manage the workflow.

With FileInvite you can request multiple client documents for a new project in a single invitation.

Manage the review of the documents and save them securely to cloud storage, or upload directly to a project. 


Alexandra Jumper from Aprio Cloud,  uses FileInvite to give clients a great first impression.


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What are the benefits of using
FileInvite for document collection?

Manually managing documents is a painful process, FileInvite removes those pains.
Here are the top ways document collection software can help improve your business processes:

Client Experience Icon

Client experience: Make document uploading easy for your clients and send them automatic reminders on upcoming due dates.
The system also includes a sleek portal to manage all your information in one place.

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Ensure privacy and security: 
Emails are a vulnerable place to store sensitive information - FileInvite pulls important documents out of a messy inbox, ensuring your clients’ personal information is stored in a safe, secure place.

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Save time: The right document collection system can help you save hours in administrative workflows.
In fact, using FileInvite you can boost business productivity by an average of 35%.

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Save money: Getting time back allows you to work directly on your business in other important areas.
Get more leads and improve the customer experience to turn those leads into full-fledged customers.