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4 Common Use Cases for Document Collection Software

Here are just some of the industries and use cases where document collection software delivers benefits in process efficiency and client data security.

Owing to recent developments in software-as-a-service (SaaS) platforms, document collection has become a buzzword in many regulated industries. In this brief guide, you’ll learn what document collection software is and what kind of benefits it can deliver in different industries and contexts. 

What Is Document Collection Software?

Document collection software refers to online platforms used to electronically gather necessary documentation from client users. Though it has applications in a variety of industries, document collection software has become common in banking and financial services, where clients are required to submit large portfolios of sensitive documentation.

For example, in loan application processes, lenders who offer clients online portals to securely provide information eliminate the hassles and time lost to submitting hard copies or separate email attachments

The kinds of documentation collected by such systems will vary widely by industry and use case. In the case of financial institutions, submitting digital loan applications is an example of a document collection. A fully featured collection platform would also extend to clients the ability to digitally submit all the accompanying personal documents necessary to complete the application, streamlining the process and allowing clients more direct control. 

Document Collection Software and Email: The End User Perspective

Like all business solutions based on new technology, document collection software delivers the most where it connects with the perspective and experience of the end user. For example, in comparison with the digital exchange of documentation via email, document collection platforms may seem at first glance like an aesthetic rearrangement of the same technological capabilities – users transmitting digital assets remotely. 

More than half of the world’s population already uses email and for white-collar office workers, email continues to be the primary preferred channel of collaboration for 92% of users. Nevertheless, this is a case where it is easy to mistake convenience – using a technology everyone is already familiar with – for efficiency. Using email for document collection leaves users at both ends – clients and those handling their cases – saddled with the burden of remembering every document and every deadline, a scenario in which dead time accumulates and mistakes get made. 

Where sensitive data is concerned as it is in loan applications, student applications, and human resource onboarding documentation, the use of email also exposes clients to risks they may not understand. In the shift to remote work, the use of email as a collection and collaboration tool has expanded. At the same time, 93% of respondent organizations report having experienced an email data breach in the last 12 months. Additionally, few organizations have the in-house IT resources to prevent further breaches going forward. 

Who Benefits from Document Collection Software?

With clients and other end users in mind, let’s take a look at industries and use cases where document collection software delivers benefits in process efficiency and client data security.

1. Banking and Lending Services

In loan application processes – commercial and home – the initial document collection phase consumes between 30% and 50% of the total sales cycle time. With document collection through client portals, loan officers and clients working together can shave nearly 40% off the total application turnaround time

Additionally, loan officers can configure automated reminders both to themselves and to clients as deadlines approach.

2. Human Resources

Onboarding new employees into an organization can seem like a tedious paper chase from both the perspective of new hires and HR staff responsible for gathering the necessary documentation. Giving new employees direct access to secure portals for submitting their documentation can deliver returned requests five times faster on average than conducting the same processes through email or hard copy exchange.

3. Educational Institutions

Applications to higher education institutions can mire students in many time-consuming tasks they cannot directly control such as turnaround times for transcript requests from other institutions or requests for letters of recommendation and additional test score copies. Institutions that employ document collection software to enable applicants to have control of the collection process once those requests are fulfilled, see a user satisfaction rate of 98%.

4. Marketing and Web Design

Marketers and web designers are familiar with the bottlenecks of getting everyone’s ideas on the same page through a patchwork process of email, text, and CRM collaboration. Having a unified repository accessible and visible to every team member through any connected device can boost team productivity by an average of 35%.

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Secure - and Automated - Document Collection with FileInvite

Automated document collection platforms are collaborative tools to streamline otherwise tedious processes involving redundant communications and time wasted searching for information that has been delivered but can’t be easily located. This function alone establishes value in various industries and processes. Nevertheless, secure services provide significant added value in protecting sensitive data from breaches through malicious cyber ingress or simple employee error. 

FileInvite is a fully featured document collection SaaS platform that offers bank-grade 256-bit encryption in file transmission and SOC 2 Type 2 compliance in infosec practices. 

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