FileInvite replaces email when requesting information from clients. Every business has a CRM but using email to collect the source data from clients is inefficient, insecure, and difficult for both professionals and their customers. FileInvite is a smart client data collection platform with headquarters in Denver, USA & Auckland, NZ.

Stories by FileInvite

Banking & Finance

What Are the 5 Types of Customer Due Diligence?

With CDD requirements becoming more complex, financial institutions must understand the different kinds of CDD processes. Here are 5 types of CDD...

Digital Signatures

5 Popular Ways to Sign Forms Online

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Client Portal

6 Common Benefits of Document Portal Solutions

Client document portals can significantly reduce time, improving not only workflow efficiencies but also customer and employee experience. Learn more.

Gather all the documents, signatures, and data you require up to 80% faster.

Eliminate the monotony of back-and-forth emails and inefficient systems when gathering client information. Get hours back each week as FileInvite handles the most time-consuming work for you.

Get started in as little as 5 minutes.

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