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3 Reasons Why Your Document Collection Tool Needs an Open API

If your company generates large amounts of data, it could benefit from a document collection tool with an open API. Here's why.

An application programming interface (API) enables two or more applications to communicate with one another. This is essential for data collection services because clients often use more than one system in their business operations. 

APIs enable these systems to work together seamlessly. Organizations worldwide use them to streamline workflows, enhance productivity, and provide increased data security, among other things.

They not only simplify app development, they also save your organization time and money. This is especially true when using an open API, as these interfaces are free of charge. 

While open APIs are less secure than private ones, working with an experienced data collection service specializing in data security will provide you the tools to keep your (and your client's) information secure and confidential. 

Let's evaluate why you should consider choosing a data collection service with an open API instead of the other options available. First, take time to understand what an open API is. 

What is an Open API?

Open APIs are also known as public APIs because anyone can use them, and there are no restrictions to access them. Developers use them to easily connect their applications from data sources for additional features and functionality.

Network-accessible service owners publish them on the internet and share them freely with other software engineers by giving universal access to consumers. The main priority of an open API is so that as many different clients can use the interface as possible. 

Other types of APIs include:

  • Partner APIs: These APIs are not available publicly, unlike an open API. Users need a license or specific rights to access this API type.
  • Internal APIs: These are also called private APIs and are used for internal systems within a company or organization. Businesses use this API type to improve their products and services offerings.
  • Composite APIs: These APIs combine various service and data APIs through a sequence of tasks that sync as a result of the execution and not at the task's request. It speeds up the execution process and improves web interface performance.

3 Reasons Why You Need an Open API Data Collection Service 

Some experts argue that open APIs do not provide the level of security necessary to protect sensitive data. However, unlike applications in general, APIs are structured. 

Machine-readable formats allow users to work against specifications to find deficiencies and potential flaws or issues rapidly. When an application is not performing like it's supposed to – as written for the expected inputs and outputs – you can prevent the action from occurring. 

Open API specifications have gained industry support after emerging from the necessity to document APIs. Therefore, you can use it for data security through open API integration

Here are the three main reasons you need an open API integrated with your data collection service:

1. Direct Integration

With a data collection service with an open API, you can sync your cloud storage services more easily. Native integration allows you to connect your cloud storage services. Your files will instantly convert to your cloud storage into folders where you can rename them and organize them accordingly. It works with services including:

  • OneDrive
  • Google Drive
  • Dropbox
  • Box
  • And many more

2. Advanced Workflows 

Natively connect to your data providers for increased efficiency. Use this integration to request data through automatic notifications sent directly to your client. It allows you to save time and resources by supercharging your document workflows.

3. Customised Setup 

Open API data collection services allow you to customise your setup by allowing you to produce your own workflow. Click and connect quickly using pre-built triggers or build your own. Use these tools to integrate your data collection service with your LOS or CRM seamlessly, using the full security features of an enterprise-grade API.

Benefits of Open APIs for Data Collection Services

Open APIs benefit the developer and the consumer. The advantages for the publisher include expanding a user base with incurring the costs of developing niche industry software. It allows publishers to generate revenue through new program licensing and gives them the option to retain their proprietary source code.

The benefits to the consumer are more extensive than those of the publisher. They include:

  • Intelligent data collection
  • Analytical Insights
  • Revenue generation
  • Increased productivity
  • Improved workflows
  • Expanded connectivity
  • Enhanced collaboration
  • Advanced Innovation
  • Enriched customer service
  • Better marketing strategies

Concerns to Consider Regarding Open APIs for Data Collection

While your organization can use open APIs to increase data security, there are some issues you should be aware of so that you can proactively manage these concerns. The two you need to be most aware of are:

Open APIs are Extremely Permissive

You may use some of the features but do not need to use them all. That may seem like a good thing and not an issue to be concerned about. However, it may mean that developers don't go into enough detail to make it comprehensive. 

Open APIs are Still Evolving

Some of the APIs' behaviours are not yet integrated due to their ongoing development. This is especially relevant when it comes to security. 

For instance, open API specifications do not include mutual TLS authentication (mTLS) where two parties authenticate one another in a security protocol. Therefore, there still isn't a way to define that.  

The next iteration of this standard will include the function. However, it is still not available, which requires additional authentication protocols to be put into place. The same goes for JSON web tokens (JWT).

Where to Find Data Collection Services with Open API

At FileInvite, we provide a top-notch data collection service to help your team manage data requests. Our API integration helps to streamline the way your organisation collects data.

Furthermore, we help your organization deliver world-class customer service and experiences while saving your team hours each week with our open API suite and native integration. 

To learn more and request a demo, visit FileInvite today.

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