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Adobe Send & Track vs FileInvite - Comparing Document Collection Tools

We compare features across both document collection tools, so you know document automation system is a better fit for your organization.

If you need an alternative to Adobe Send & Track, we reckon FileInvite could be a good option. However, not all document collection systems are created equal.  In this article, we discuss a few features to think about when you’re choosing your document automation system. 


What document collection features does Adobe Send & Track provide?

Adobe Send & Track, which comes as a standard plug-in with Microsoft Outlook, can be used to send files, track files, and get confirmation receipts when your files are viewed by others.

When you want to send a file, the service uploads it to the cloud and generates a web link, which you can email to your client. They can then view or download the file, and you get a confirmation when the file is accessed.

Services like FileInvite take this process to the next level by automating document collection from end-to-end. You can specify exactly which documents or pieces of information you need from a client, and set reminders to be sent if the documents haven’t been received by the deadline.

FileInvite’s dashboard also gives you an overview of the requests you have sent to all your clients, letting you see at a glance which requests have been completed, which are still in progress, and which are overdue. Here are more features that make FileInvite a superior document collection system to help you make the most of your upcoming business goals.

What document collection features does FileInvite provide?

Electronic signatures

E-signatures, or digital signatures, do away with the mundane tasks of printing hardcopies, signing them manually, and then scanning and emailing the copies back and forth.

That’s important if you and your team deal with more than a handful of documents a week, and when you need to close a deal - fast. FileInvite enables e-signatures, saving time and hassle (and a few trees in the process), and reducing opportunities for forged signatures too.

More specialization

There are other systems out there that can be used for document collection but it’s worth getting a specialized product like FileInvite, which has many functions that more generic tools lack.

With these, you can create templates for common document requests, brand your requests, send automatic reminders and more. These features will save you time and help you look more professional.

That’s important if you’re in an industry like mortgage brokering, which relies on creating a good impression on clients and managing lots of documents for multiple clients at the same time.

Syncing with Dropbox or Google Drive

It’s important to be able to sync your systems with Dropbox and Google Drive to enable better collaboration with your colleagues.

The sync feature in FileInvite allows you to create a file at work, review it at home, and share it with colleagues who may be out of the office. Because everyone’s working off a file that’s stored in the cloud you can be sure you’re always working on the most up-to-date version.


Using FileInvite, you can request as many documents as you want with a single request, which is a game changer if you’re working on a complex transaction that requires a lot of documentation. Rather than bombarding your client with separate requests for individual documents, do it all in one go. Your clients will love you for it and you can be sure you’ve got everything in one place.

Increase document security

Data security is more important than ever and there are hefty penalties for breaches, to say nothing of the reputational costs for your business if your clients’ information is stolen.

FileInvite keeps data safe by managing documents within a secure environment. That’s far safer than sending information by email, which can be easily hacked or sent to the wrong person. FileInvite’s security settings means you choose exactly who gets to see what information.

If you want to see how document collection could streamline your business's workflow, sign-up for a free trial of FileInvite.

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