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Commercial Lending

How to Become a Commercial Loan Broker in 2024

Acquire the knowledge and skills to become a commercial loan broker and enter the highly profitable field of helping small businesses obtain funding.

Commercial Lending

How Do SBA 504 Loans Work?

Discover the advantages of SBA 504 loans, enabling small businesses to seize growth opportunities through shared capital partnerships.

Commercial Lending

What Can an SBA 504 Loan Be Used For?

Unlock new opportunities and maximize your business potential with SBA loan funds - harness the power of SBA lending.

Data & Document Collection

How to Stop Phishing Emails (Before They Happen)

Discover the latest phishing attack trends in the banking & financial services sector and how to prevent costly data breaches for your organization.

Data & Document Collection

How Secure Is Email, Really?

Gain insights into the various approaches your organization can adopt to minimize risks and strengthen its email security measures.

Productivity & Efficiency

5 Benefits of Using of a Live Form

Replacing hard copy requests and email exchanges with live forms introduces significant benefits to document collection and management processes.

Digital Signatures

Are Electronic Signatures Legally Binding?

E-Signatures are only going to become more popular. Ensure you understand how to securely send, and sign forms that require them.

Banking & Finance

Is It Safe to Email Tax Documents?

Whether you’re onboarding new clients, or planning to file your own taxes, here are 4 ways to reduce the risks of sharing your PII and PIFI online.

Banking & Finance

What Are the 5 Types of Customer Due Diligence?

With CDD requirements becoming more complex, financial institutions must understand the different kinds of CDD processes. Here are 5 types of CDD...

Digital Signatures

5 Popular Ways to Sign Forms Online

The adoption of digital signatures has benefits beyond accommodating remote work trends. Here are five of the most popular tools for signing forms...

Client Portal

6 Common Benefits of Document Portal Solutions

Client document portals can significantly reduce time, improving not only workflow efficiencies but also customer and employee experience. Learn more.

Privacy & Security

What is SOC 2 Type 2 Compliance?

Learn what Soc 2 Type 2 compliance means, and how your organization can become Soc 2 Type 2 compliant.

FileInvite Update

Product Update: Now Easier to Send Invites

You already know that FileInvite can save you hours in document management with its automated document collection capabilities, client portal, and...

Productivity & Efficiency

Is Tech Making Productivity Better or Worse?

FileInvite, experts in automated document collection, asks, "Is tech making productivity better or worse?" and explores considerations for new...

Sales Enablement

4 Key Levers For Lenders To Increase Sales Velocity

The top 4 key levers to increase sales velocity for business, commercial and mortgage lending. The most important? Decrease loan processing times.

Digital Signatures

Can You Add an e-Signature to That Document?

Add digital or e-signatures to your forms, documents, contracts and disclosure documents. Save hours in printing signing, scanning or mailing...

Data & Document Collection

How To Get Going With FileInvite

Keen to streamline your document collection but not sure where to start? FileInvite could be for you. Check out our webinar to help get you up and...

Data & Document Collection

4 Tips to Protect Your Online Documents

You moved to an online file storage system. But now, constant news of hackers stealing data from major corporations is making you nervous... We can...

Data & Document Collection

How to Automate Monthly Management Reports

Here are our 7 steps on how to automate monthly management reports and create optimum workflow. Schedule once and your team get auto reminders each...

Lead Generation

Lead Generation for Mortgage Brokers in 2019

Want the best lead generation options for mortgage brokers in 2019 and beyond? Marius du Preez founder and CEO of Swell Marketing, spills the beans...

Data & Document Collection

A Dropbox File Requests alternative - FileInvite?

A great alternative to Dropbox File Requests is FileInvite. Automate your document collection from clients and customers, by sending a FileInvite.

Gather all the documents, signatures, and data you require up to 80% faster.

Eliminate the monotony of back-and-forth emails and inefficient systems when gathering client information. Get hours back each week as FileInvite handles the most time-consuming work for you.

Get started in as little as 5 minutes.

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